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Kymmenen ♰ Action

[It had been weeks. Months, even. Two of them. Two months of smiling and going about life as normal aside from staying inside a little more often. Not much had changed, really. There were times he wished it would rain and times that all he wanted to do was stay outside and stare up at the perfect clouds all day. He continued to take saunas, mostly alone.

But today? Today was different, for Finland had decided to take some time to think alone outside, first on the porch before eventually settling on one of the old metal swings belonging to the park's vacant swingset. After all, the sun was beginning to set and all of the good little drone children had already run home to the scent of their smiling drone mothers' cooking. It would do for now. Only passerbys would notice him this way, men coming home from work or the occasional person going for a walk. It didn't matter, did it? No, of course not.

He draws circles in the dirt with the toe of his shoe, carefully inspecting the cross-shaped pendant in his hand. Though the bright smile Finland is known for is notably absent, his distant stare coupled with his expression don't seem to portray sadness as much as listless apathy or deep, deep thought. However, it's unusual to see him completely alone. Maybe company was really what he needed the most.]

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[And here's Kay, out and about at the park as she's walking home at night. She catches sight of Finland on the swing, though, and stops, heading over.]

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[It admittedly takes him a moment to register the presence of another person, though Finland quickly puts on a smile as soon as he looks up and spots the girl.]

Moi, Kay!

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[You're not fooling anyone, mister. She saw that frown.]

"...What's wrong?"
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[His smile is feigned fairly well, but it does have flaws if you look closely enough.]

I just wanted to get out of the house for a bit!

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[No one can hide their true feelings from an Ace Attorney sidekick character! Or something. But still. She's a little concerned.]

"What were you looking at just now?"
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This? [He raises the pendant.] It's a gift that a friend gave me many years ago. I always have it with me.

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[Nods, smiling a little wistfully for a moment.]

"I have something like that too."
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[He smiles softly, this time for real.]

Do you?

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Yeah... except for me, it was my dad. We kept a promise diary together when I was a little girl, and wrote all sorts of father-daughter promises in it. Things we could always count on each other to do or not do.

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[And sitting on the bottom of a slide, Demyx sits plucking away at nothing. It's the air sitar, don't judge him-- He doesn't have to look to sense that something wasn't right in the air. It lacked the happy--No, the fake, happy feeling that most of the town carried. The lack of that something made him tense. Nothing was right in this town, was it? Was it even real?]

What's up, dude?
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[Again, it takes him a moment to snap out of his thoughts.]

Me? I'm just thinking, that's all.

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With that... [What's the emotion--Oh! Right!] Sad air around? Must be pretty depressing, whatever it is.
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Sad? I don't look sad, do I?

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It's just the air around you, I guess. It reeks of... I dunno. It just feels sad.
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I've never really been told something like that before.

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That's just the feeling I'm getting from you, dude. You don't really see adults sitting in a playground unless there's something bugging 'em on top of that! I mean, when you go to a playground you usually think back to a happier time like when you were a kid or something, right?
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I enjoy surrounding myself with nature, that's all.

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[Okay, so maybe she should have remained home like a good not!daughter, but Mato, despite the warnings, was honestly starting to ponder going to the post office, to see if she could get Black Rock Shooter back. It was a big risk, sure, but Mato wanted back her "other self"'s power back, so she could do something about things like being bullied at that party at the Smith's. As is, taking a shortcut through the park, Mato comes across Finland.]

Huh? Finland?
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[Mato was one of the people he was least expecting to see, but he throws on a smile in any case.]

Moi, Mato! What are you doing here? You shouldn't be out alone after it gets dark.

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[Well, Mato hadn't expected to see Finland, either.]

Oh, uh, I was, um, wondering where you were! It's kinda late, like you said, and all.
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I just needed some time to think, that's all. Being outside makes me feel more at home.

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[Taking a seat on one of the other swings.]

Think about what? Did something happen?
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It's just that a lot of people I'm close to have been droned recently, or they've come back and didn't remember their previous stay here. It's a little disheartening, but I'll be alright.

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Really? You sure? I don't know what I'd do if Yomi or Yuu showed up and didn't know me.

Or if Yomi was possessed by Dead Master again.
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I can't be selfish and wish that they were back here instead of safe at home.

I'm sorry that something like that happened. It must have been hard.

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It's okay to want friends here, though, even if this place sucks, I think! [Says the girl who has neither of her friends here.]

It's okay, she's okay now! [Mato...doesn't know about the Yuu/STR connection yet so Yomi/Dead Master was her main concern.] And even if it wasn't, that's what I was going to go to the post office for, to get Black Rock Shooter back, so she could help me!

[Completely forgot she had lied about her reasons for being out this late, derp.]
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The post office?! No, you're not going there!

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It couldn't be that bad, could it?
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It is that bad! You could lose body parts or your memories or basically anything else!
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I'm sure that whatever it is you want is really important to you, but wouldn't you rather wait for it to come back instead of losing something vital like that?

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Well...yeah, but then I can't do anything as just myself about stuff like that Billy Smith kid!
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It'd be best to avoid him. He's just a twerp.

Did something happen?

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He kept pulling my hair and called me a sissy. He also pushed me.

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[Sitting at a tree in the park, chaos watches Finland for a bit, before finally deciding to stand and move over to him. He notes the cross, but says nothing of it.]

Is something the matter?
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Me? No, nothing really! Just thinking about a few things.

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[someone's sneaking up behind you to give your swing a gentle push, Daddy]

Hey, you ok?
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[Please continue to say Daddy instead of Mommy, it makes him feel more manly

He flinches slightly at the unexpected movement before turning around and, you guessed it, putting on a bright smile.]

Moi, Sealand! Should you really be out here this late? It would probably be best to start heading home before the sun goes down.

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I don't wanna go home yet, there's nothing to do there. And you're not supposed to be in the park without me.

[Sealand has two daddies and is proud smiles back! but seriously you're not supposed to be here alone what gives]
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How about I swing you to make up for it?

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...alright, but I'm only letting you get away with it this once. [hell yeah swinging times hops right into the swing next to Finland's]
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Alright, alright.

[AWW YEAH. He stands up and moves behind Sealand, lightly pushing his back.]

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[AND THEY'RE OFF he's pumping his legs for maximum height here]

Come on, higher! We've gotta get higher!
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As long as you don't flip the swing!

[Pushing more! Sob, this is already cheering him up.]

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I won't, but I've gotta at least touch the trees!

[just as planned ufufu. cheer up Daddy and get a sweet ride, booyah.]
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Just hold on tight!

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I am, I am! Go for it!