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Yksitoista ♰ Action/Voice

[A voice comes across the phone lines, eerily calm with just the slightest hint of aggression laced beneath a notably fake cheery tone.]

Everyone near 336 Brady should stay inside for the time being.

[And the phone call abruptly ends. Those nearby may notice that Finland has been suspiciously peering out of his front window for quite some time, expression almost entirely flat. His sniper rifle is firmly grasped in his right hand and he doesn't seem as if he's going to change positions anytime soon.

But all too suddenly he appears to see something outside and bolts out the front door with speed almost unfamiliar to him. And who does he see?]


[You guessed it. He heard the warnings loud and clear and knows exactly what's going to happen to him, but right now he couldn't possibly care less.]

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[The hazmats watch him as he moves, their heads turning as one.]
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I'm going to shoot you so full of bullets that you'll be worth more as scrap metal than as bodies!

[Rifle at the ready.]

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[They begin to move in his direction, axes drawn.]
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[Alright, let's do this.

He steps back behind the nearby lamppost and aims for the men's lower arms. Commence sniping.]

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[Where the hazmats are hit, a foul-colored gas spews forth from the wounds. They take no notice, continuing to advance on him. More appear from across the street, following the others' lead.]
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[It's already looking bad, but hey, Finland doesn't give up until the very end. Ever. And he'll keep fighting these guys until he can no longer move.

Have another round of bullets.]


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[By now, the hazmats are close enough for Finland's flesh to start to burn. The air around him is growing thick with gas.

The hazmats are almost close enough to strike.]
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[He continues to step backwards to the best of his ability. The burning sensation is definitely there and it's getting difficult to breathe, but he does his best to pay it no mind. Adrenaline surges can help to numb the pain, at least for the time being.

And all too suddenly his expression changes into a smile.]

You're mistaken if you think I'm running.

[This is followed by a shot fired to one of the men's hands.]

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[The hand explodes into a cloud of gas.

The hazmat beside him is close enough to strike, and does so; an axe swings for Finland's gun hand.]
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[So much for the 'make them drop the weapon' plan.

Finland shields the attack by turning around; his back is sliced instead.]

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[He turns to face another hazmat, staring at him discompassionately.

The axe is raised; and then, in a swift, brutal stroke, lowered.]
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[There honestly should have been some sort of reaction, but instead Finland takes the time to target another hazmat and shoot him directly in the temple. Classy.

He is, however, losing blood and his aim will slowly be affected by it as time continues to pass.]

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[The hazmats, unfortunately, have no intention of giving him that time. They've swarmed him by now; the axes fall on Finland like rain, but significantly more painful.]
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[And with a shrill scream he's collapsed to the ground, losing blood all too quickly.

He's soon out cold and it won't take long before his breathing comes to a halt.]
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