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The Republic of Finland ❆ Tino Väinämöinen ([personal profile] ex_finnish_604) wrote2010-11-15 03:31 pm

Kaksitoista ♰ Action

[If you happen to be on Brady Lane, you're likely to spot a tiny bright eyed boy innocently crawling around and exploring his surroundings. He's peering out from behind telephone poles, watching passerbys through the bushes, walking up and picking flowers in front of random houses, climbing up on top of the 336 mailbox to find out what that little red flag is, and simply wandering around looking especially lost before tripping over his cloak and falling flat on his face. A little useless, but still cute! Sure, he's quiet in the sense that he doesn't speak unless needed, but his soft, innocent giggling can probably be heard throughout the street.

You guessed right, Mayfield. Another victim! This time it's Finland, now from around 1200, right after Finland had become a part of Sweden and the Swedish Conquests had ended. He'll be looking for 'Ruotsi', Sweden, but honestly, how could anyone say no to that innocent face? Just look at him! All replies with be from [livejournal.com profile] seurata . ♥]

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