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Viisitoista ♰ Action

[A - Action: To Finland, Midsummer means long summer nights with constant daylight, a celebration of light and the midnight sun. Despite the fact that Mayfield's sun rises and sets quite regularly and that this evening would be no different, Midsummer's Eve is simply something that Finland can't pass up, and as such any neighbours or passerbys may see him erecting a midsummer maypole early in the day, decorating the perimiter of the door with flowers in the afternoon (or, more accurately, chasing his while fluffball of a puppy that keeps trying to take them), cooking questionable Finnish food and letting it cool in the windowsill, or raising a Finnish flag in front of his home at 6PM.

B - Action: All throughout the evening, tendrils of smoke may be seen rising from the backyard of 336 Brady Lane. In addition to the light steam that rises from the sauna (which isn't that unusual, as Finland seems to be unable to go for three or four days without one), smoke will begin to rise from a bonfire that is lit at midnight. Finland, in turn, will be out drinking by the bonfire with whomever else wishes to stop by. Feel free to assume that he invited your character if he's spoken to them more than once or twice! Even if he doesn't know them well, he'd probably bring it up during any type of conversation if your character's spoken to him in the past week or so.]

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[Don't mind Minako looking at the maypole and wondering what's going on!]
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[Upon spotting Minako, he waves and yells over to her.]

Hello! Could you do me a favour and tell me if this looks straight from where you're standing?

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I think so! It doesn't look crooked from where I'm at...I think it looks perfect!

[She even take a closer look to make sure that it does look straight]
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You really think so? That's great to hear! Thank you!

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[Crowe's passing by, but stops to lean on the fence and watch the fire. He'll give Finland a little wave.]
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[Upon spotting Crowe, Finland sets the wood he was holding down and offers a friendly wave.]

Moi, Crowe! Happy Midsummer's Eve!

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Thanks, you too. Do you need any help there?

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[It most certainly is, and because Finland's such a good (?) friend, he'll gladly invite Estonia over sometime in the early afternoon.]

Viro, will you throw me another beer before we sauna? [The strong stuff is for later. Not that Finland's going to be sober for much longer.]
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Is the fire good in there already?

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[Sealand comes by earlyish in the day--though for him that's not early enough to see the maypole being constructed, but still before afternoon. Still, he's drawn to the giant pole, wondering where it came from.]
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[It doesn't take long for Finland to spot the boy, or rather, it doesn't take long for the fluffball of a puppy to spot him, and Finland's face immediately lights up.]

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[Sealand bends down to pick up said puppy.]

Hi Mama!


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[ fluffball of a puppy, meet other fluffball of a puppy.

Hong Kong's out walking his shih tzu and stopping to stare curiously at the maypole and all the flowers. ]
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[Oh gosh, please don't expect Finland to ignore that fluffy cuteness. And definitely don't expect Hana to ignore it either, as she bounds over to Baozi and wags her tail happily.]

Moi, Hong Kong!

[He's trotting over and reaching out to pet the puppy in the same way that a child would.]

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[ hehehe puppies. he's inwardly uguu-ing, not that you can tell in the slightest. ]

Hey Finland. [ Baozi wags his tail and yips a bit at Hana. ] He wants to play I think.

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[Something a bit different. Sometime during the day, a package is left in his mailbox, addressed to him. There is a bottle of expensive wine inside with a brief, hand-written note.]

I apologize.
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[It doesn't take long for Grimsley to come to mind, and in turn Finland goes inside and writes a curt letter to the man.

I'm glad you're alright. Would you like to go out for drinks sometime? -Finland

Sealing it and placing a stamp on the envelope, he takes it back out to the mailbox. It should arrive the next day.]

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[Is 'no' an acceptable answer? Grimsley's hair will bristle as he receives this message in the mail, and his eye twitches a little. His pride would better have it that he never spoke to this Tino Lastnamewithfartoomanydots man again. There is a delay of a day or so before his own letter arrives in Finland's mailbox.

If that is what you wish.]

B: [ Action ] 336 Brady Lane backyard

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[ Keima isn't staring at the bonfire. He's playing at a handheld video game that looks like a PSP. In fact he's so immersed in it that as he's taking a shortcut to get back home by cutting through the backyards, he nearly walks into the bonfire.

He stops like a foot in front of it and hops back, nearly dropping his game. ]

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[Unluckily enough, Finland only turns around right as Keima screams.

And without even processing what the screaming is all about, the number of screaming boys in the backyard increases by one.]


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[ He shoots the other screamer a sharp glare. ]

What's the meaning of this? A fire in your backyard!?

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Finland! Hey, what's up!
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Moi, Kay! It's been a while!

[He moves to lean over the fence and give a friendly wave.]

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Yeah, it sure has! How have you been doing?

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