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[ooc] Regains, nicknames, etc.

♰Current regains♰
-WWII military uniform + white beret
-Kuukamuna/Floweregg (his and Sweden's puppy)
-WWII sniper rifle
-Cross-shaped pendant
-30 boxes of salmiakki (now gone - 30 more have been obtained)
-A box filled with photographs from home
-A large Finnish flag
-Lily of the Valley seeds (now planted in his garden)
-A large Moomintroll plushie
-Santa sleigh
-Box of dead mobile phones
-Moomintroll slippers
-Horrid pink shirt
-Santa outfit
-Vasta branches

*Note - lost major Mayfield memories of Sweden (from February 2010 to October 2011) via post office in exchange for his puukko (small knife)


Sweden: Swe, Svea, Ruotsi (as a child); [Jap: Su-san]

Denmark: Danmark, Ta (from Tanska; occasionally corrupted as 'Tanmark'); [Jap: Denmark-san, Ta-san]

Norway: Norja (occasionally shortened to Nor); [Jap: Noru-san (Nor-kun)]

Iceland: Ice, Islanti (occasionally shortened to "Lanti" despite the fact that lanti literally means "land"); [Jap: Aisu-kun (Ice-kun)]

**Note: Kuukamuna is Finnish for flower egg, the translation of Hanatamago.
♰Finnish names for other countries♰

Estonia: Viro
Russia: Venäjä
The Netherlands: Hollanti
England: Englanti
America: Amerikka
Japan: Japani

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