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[If you were to ask someone that's spoken to Finland more than once, they'd agree that he's almost always smiling or overreacting to something pointless. However, nobody can smile forever, and Finland isn't an exception. Despite being the "odd one out" of his family, he did share some of their traits. The infamous Nordic lineface wasn't one of them, but if one happens to be anywhere between Brady Lane and Mitchell Road (precisely house number 1450), they'll have the semi-rare opportunity to see Finland with a straight face.

He's more so pondering than upset, yet he's walking with his eyes to the ground, not to mention that he's carrying a rifle on his back. It may take him a moment to respond, but you're more than free to bother him. Something just doesn't seem right.]
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There's something that's been bothering me.

It seems like everyone here saw different people in the TV broadcast. Everyone I've talked to saw people that they knew from home. Is there anyone that watched the broadcast and didn't see anyone they recognized?

Also, have any of you been to the town and returned safely? Any details would be really helpful.

[Filtered to the Nordics]

Something doesn't seem right about this whole thing. Do you think we could talk this over at the dinner on Saturday?


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