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[Watch out, everyone. Someone's cheerfulness is contagious. That is, unless the aforementioned someone wakes a good portion of Mayfield up in the middle of the night with an excited phone call.]

Has anyone looked out the window yet? It's snowing! Quite a bit, in fact! I don't think it's ever snowed this much here before, and there wasn't even any warning!

This is probably the best birthday present I could have asked for! I may not even be able to get into my sauna with this much snow on the ground.... I wonder how long it will keep falling? In any case, it's beautiful, so I'm really thankful for it. And today of all days! I guess it's about time for me to bring my sleigh out, don't you think? I can't wait!

[Well, if his rambling is anything to go off of, Finland is certainly excited. Especially for 3AM.]

[Action, later in the day: It doesn't take a genius to realize that the outside of of 336 Brady Lane has been slowly but surely adorned with a multitude of holiday decorations over the past few days, and the sight is surely familiar to anyone that was in Mayfield last winter. The inside of the house is just as nicely decorated as the exterior and a lovely Christmas tree with a view of the decorated fireplace behind it is visible from one of the main windows.

The decorations are surprisingly professional in appearance and modest while being festive all the same. The mailbox and railing on the porch (not to mention the stair rails inside) have been wound with fake evergreen garland and red baubles while a festive evergreen piece sits on top of the mailbox along with red ornaments and ribbons. Wreathes are hung on the door and many ribbons have been neatly placed in appropriate locations.

But today the added decorations are of a slightly different type. A large Finnish flag hangs in front of the house and smaller (apparently homemade yet still nice) flags of the same design are on display in the yard, propped up neatly in the snow. Every window on the front side of the house now has a small Finnish flag and two blue and white candles sitting in the windowsill, and come 6:00 PM, Finland dashes around the house to light them. In the meantime, you may see Finland walking around his yard and hanging more decorations.... in only slacks, a long-sleeved shirt, and an argyle sweater vest. Why isn't he cold?! Oh well, he seems happy, since he's humming to himself and occasionally singing Finnish Christmas songs when he thinks nobody else is around.

Let's just say that you'll see a lot of Finland himself in the following weeks, Mayfield. It's time to spread the holiday cheer!

Action B: Every so often, the door to the small, wooden sauna behind 336 Brady Lane opens up and lets out a large wave of steam. Emerging from it will be Finland, towel tied neatly around his waist. If you aren't questioning why he isn't wearing clothes yet, you'll probably be rethinking that after he dives into the snow and begins to roll around for a few minutes. He'll eventually go back into the sauna, but that definitely can't be normal.... can it?]
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It's been pretty calm around here lately, hasn't it? Halloween and All Saints Day aren't for another two weeks and we haven't had an official holiday in Mayfield for months!

But luckily, I've been using that time to come up with a plan! How about we hold a friendly competition? My sauna isn't large enough for a sauna endurance contest, but I received a box of broken phones in the mail a few months back, which means that there's no other option!

And because of that, I've decided to host Mayfield's first annual mobile phone throwing contest! I've been practicing, so don't expect me to go easy on you, Viro!

[It seems that Finland's back to his usual cheerful self! Almost like he's.... forgotten some sort of hardship he's been through? Oh well!

By the way, he's not kidding.... don't ask.]


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