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Jun. 28th, 2018 10:23 pm
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The obligatory HMD post!

Here's the place to tell me if I'm failing, "doing it wrong", or even passing with a decent grade. I'd love to see how I'm doing! I don't want to ruin my favourite character, so any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!

Nobody's perfect, so I'd love it if you could suggest some things I could do to improve. Thank you! I'm trying hard, so I'll do my best!

Feel free to post normally or anonymously; all comments are screened and IP logging is off. Be as harsh as you'd like; anything's welcome! Praises, flames, one sentence, three paragraphs.... anything goes!
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[Watch out, everyone. Someone's cheerfulness is contagious. That is, unless the aforementioned someone wakes a good portion of Mayfield up in the middle of the night with an excited phone call.]

Has anyone looked out the window yet? It's snowing! Quite a bit, in fact! I don't think it's ever snowed this much here before, and there wasn't even any warning!

This is probably the best birthday present I could have asked for! I may not even be able to get into my sauna with this much snow on the ground.... I wonder how long it will keep falling? In any case, it's beautiful, so I'm really thankful for it. And today of all days! I guess it's about time for me to bring my sleigh out, don't you think? I can't wait!

[Well, if his rambling is anything to go off of, Finland is certainly excited. Especially for 3AM.]

[Action, later in the day: It doesn't take a genius to realize that the outside of of 336 Brady Lane has been slowly but surely adorned with a multitude of holiday decorations over the past few days, and the sight is surely familiar to anyone that was in Mayfield last winter. The inside of the house is just as nicely decorated as the exterior and a lovely Christmas tree with a view of the decorated fireplace behind it is visible from one of the main windows.

The decorations are surprisingly professional in appearance and modest while being festive all the same. The mailbox and railing on the porch (not to mention the stair rails inside) have been wound with fake evergreen garland and red baubles while a festive evergreen piece sits on top of the mailbox along with red ornaments and ribbons. Wreathes are hung on the door and many ribbons have been neatly placed in appropriate locations.

But today the added decorations are of a slightly different type. A large Finnish flag hangs in front of the house and smaller (apparently homemade yet still nice) flags of the same design are on display in the yard, propped up neatly in the snow. Every window on the front side of the house now has a small Finnish flag and two blue and white candles sitting in the windowsill, and come 6:00 PM, Finland dashes around the house to light them. In the meantime, you may see Finland walking around his yard and hanging more decorations.... in only slacks, a long-sleeved shirt, and an argyle sweater vest. Why isn't he cold?! Oh well, he seems happy, since he's humming to himself and occasionally singing Finnish Christmas songs when he thinks nobody else is around.

Let's just say that you'll see a lot of Finland himself in the following weeks, Mayfield. It's time to spread the holiday cheer!

Action B: Every so often, the door to the small, wooden sauna behind 336 Brady Lane opens up and lets out a large wave of steam. Emerging from it will be Finland, towel tied neatly around his waist. If you aren't questioning why he isn't wearing clothes yet, you'll probably be rethinking that after he dives into the snow and begins to roll around for a few minutes. He'll eventually go back into the sauna, but that definitely can't be normal.... can it?]
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It's been pretty calm around here lately, hasn't it? Halloween and All Saints Day aren't for another two weeks and we haven't had an official holiday in Mayfield for months!

But luckily, I've been using that time to come up with a plan! How about we hold a friendly competition? My sauna isn't large enough for a sauna endurance contest, but I received a box of broken phones in the mail a few months back, which means that there's no other option!

And because of that, I've decided to host Mayfield's first annual mobile phone throwing contest! I've been practicing, so don't expect me to go easy on you, Viro!

[It seems that Finland's back to his usual cheerful self! Almost like he's.... forgotten some sort of hardship he's been through? Oh well!

By the way, he's not kidding.... don't ask.]
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[A - Action: To Finland, Midsummer means long summer nights with constant daylight, a celebration of light and the midnight sun. Despite the fact that Mayfield's sun rises and sets quite regularly and that this evening would be no different, Midsummer's Eve is simply something that Finland can't pass up, and as such any neighbours or passerbys may see him erecting a midsummer maypole early in the day, decorating the perimiter of the door with flowers in the afternoon (or, more accurately, chasing his while fluffball of a puppy that keeps trying to take them), cooking questionable Finnish food and letting it cool in the windowsill, or raising a Finnish flag in front of his home at 6PM.

B - Action: All throughout the evening, tendrils of smoke may be seen rising from the backyard of 336 Brady Lane. In addition to the light steam that rises from the sauna (which isn't that unusual, as Finland seems to be unable to go for three or four days without one), smoke will begin to rise from a bonfire that is lit at midnight. Finland, in turn, will be out drinking by the bonfire with whomever else wishes to stop by. Feel free to assume that he invited your character if he's spoken to them more than once or twice! Even if he doesn't know them well, he'd probably bring it up during any type of conversation if your character's spoken to him in the past week or so.]

[ooc: I'm so sorry for being horrible with posting! I really need to make actual posts instead of tagging around until the end of time. In any case, tags may be a little slow because my normal computer is being repaired and the connection here is cutting out because of the storms. However, I'll reply as quickly as possible!]

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[Over the past few weeks, 336 Brady Lane has been slowly accumulating a mass of holiday decorations. Wreathes and ribbons are hung on the front door and windows, and a fresh Christmas tree (it appears to be real?) can be seen in the living room from outside. Lights are wound through the bushes and up the trees outdoors, and look quite nice and fairly modest for their sheer number.

However, today's decorations are a little different. A large Finnish flag is hung by the door and smaller flags line the yard, while blue and white candles can be seen in the windowsill and Finland will happily run to light them once the sun sets.

Neighbours may notice that a sweet cake-like smell wafts from the open windows and housemates are sure to discover that Finland's been acting even more cheerful than usual both yesterday and today, cooking both days and often humming softly to himself.

You guessed it, Today's Finland's birthday and independence day! And he's as delighted as he could possibly be.]
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[If you happen to be on Brady Lane, you're likely to spot a tiny bright eyed boy innocently crawling around and exploring his surroundings. He's peering out from behind telephone poles, watching passerbys through the bushes, walking up and picking flowers in front of random houses, climbing up on top of the 336 mailbox to find out what that little red flag is, and simply wandering around looking especially lost before tripping over his cloak and falling flat on his face. A little useless, but still cute! Sure, he's quiet in the sense that he doesn't speak unless needed, but his soft, innocent giggling can probably be heard throughout the street.

You guessed right, Mayfield. Another victim! This time it's Finland, now from around 1200, right after Finland had become a part of Sweden and the Swedish Conquests had ended. He'll be looking for 'Ruotsi', Sweden, but honestly, how could anyone say no to that innocent face? Just look at him! All replies with be from [livejournal.com profile] seurata . ♥]
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[A voice comes across the phone lines, eerily calm with just the slightest hint of aggression laced beneath a notably fake cheery tone.]

Everyone near 336 Brady should stay inside for the time being.

[And the phone call abruptly ends. Those nearby may notice that Finland has been suspiciously peering out of his front window for quite some time, expression almost entirely flat. His sniper rifle is firmly grasped in his right hand and he doesn't seem as if he's going to change positions anytime soon.

But all too suddenly he appears to see something outside and bolts out the front door with speed almost unfamiliar to him. And who does he see?]


[You guessed it. He heard the warnings loud and clear and knows exactly what's going to happen to him, but right now he couldn't possibly care less.]
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[It had been weeks. Months, even. Two of them. Two months of smiling and going about life as normal aside from staying inside a little more often. Not much had changed, really. There were times he wished it would rain and times that all he wanted to do was stay outside and stare up at the perfect clouds all day. He continued to take saunas, mostly alone.

But today? Today was different, for Finland had decided to take some time to think alone outside, first on the porch before eventually settling on one of the old metal swings belonging to the park's vacant swingset. After all, the sun was beginning to set and all of the good little drone children had already run home to the scent of their smiling drone mothers' cooking. It would do for now. Only passerbys would notice him this way, men coming home from work or the occasional person going for a walk. It didn't matter, did it? No, of course not.

He draws circles in the dirt with the toe of his shoe, carefully inspecting the cross-shaped pendant in his hand. Though the bright smile Finland is known for is notably absent, his distant stare coupled with his expression don't seem to portray sadness as much as listless apathy or deep, deep thought. However, it's unusual to see him completely alone. Maybe company was really what he needed the most.]
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[Late one Saturday evening, a rustle may be heard in the bushes near the high school.... and look! A white blur just came from nowhere and went through one of the school's open windows! Is it a ghost? A ninja? A robber? Close, but no. It's just Finland, who you may or may not have seen walking through the streets just minutes ago. No worries, the white is only from his button down shirt and argyle sweater vest. SO CLASSY.

In any case, he really did enter the high school through a first floor window and proceeded to search around for the chemistry lab-- which wasn't hard to find, surprisingly enough. The first thing he does is reach for the room's telephone (what do you mean 'for emergencies only'?) and place a call.

Does anyone know much about chemistr-- OHYAAAAAAAAAAA!

[And naturally, since this is Finland we're talking about, a crash is audible. Seeing as that he failed to turn on the lights and is looking through the glass bottles of chemicals anyway, it only makes sense that one would drop to the floor and break. Way to go, genius. Real smart there. The lights, however, soon flip on in one room of the school if you're around to see it.]
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[If you were to ask someone that's spoken to Finland more than once, they'd agree that he's almost always smiling or overreacting to something pointless. However, nobody can smile forever, and Finland isn't an exception. Despite being the "odd one out" of his family, he did share some of their traits. The infamous Nordic lineface wasn't one of them, but if one happens to be anywhere between Brady Lane and Mitchell Road (precisely house number 1450), they'll have the semi-rare opportunity to see Finland with a straight face.

He's more so pondering than upset, yet he's walking with his eyes to the ground, not to mention that he's carrying a rifle on his back. It may take him a moment to respond, but you're more than free to bother him. Something just doesn't seem right.]
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[A certain Finland is in the park, sitting cross-legged beneath a tree and making very meticulous small stitches in a fluffy material. His eyebrows are furrowed and he's trying very hard to be careful, yet there are bandages covering at least three of his fingers. The box of Band-Aids beside the bit of cotton and cloth scraps at his side seem to indicate that he's having the slightest bit of trouble.

He flinches as he pricks his finger with the needle once again, letting out a small cry in the process.]

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There's something that's been bothering me.

It seems like everyone here saw different people in the TV broadcast. Everyone I've talked to saw people that they knew from home. Is there anyone that watched the broadcast and didn't see anyone they recognized?

Also, have any of you been to the town and returned safely? Any details would be really helpful.

[Filtered to the Nordics]

Something doesn't seem right about this whole thing. Do you think we could talk this over at the dinner on Saturday?
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[Being Easter and all, the festival lover Finland is even more cheerful than usual.]

Happy Easter, everyone! I made a few pans of Mämmi to celebrate the holiday. It's a traditional dessert from my house so you should all come try some! I'll be outside of my house at 336 Brady Lane if you want to stop by. I'm sure that you'll all like it a lot!

[After the phone call has been made, he runs outside and takes a seat beside a small table at the end of his driveway. It's decorated with pretty flowers, a bowl of dyed eggs, and a vase filled with thin branches that have feathers tied to them. In addition to this, there is a notably large pan of a strange dark brown substance accompanied by a bowl of sugar and a small pitcher of cream.... and numerous plates and forks. If you don't know that this is Mämmi, the aforementioned sweet Finnish Easter dessert made of rye flour, rye malt, molasses and dried orange peel, it probably looks fairly unappetizing to say the least. If you're brave enough to try it, however, Finland will be glad to give you as much as you want.]
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Hello? Um, is anyone there?

I know it's April Fool's Day, but isn't this going a little overboard?
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[If you just so happen to be passing by the pet store, you may notice a certain heartbroken Finn persuading one of the drones to let him borrow the shop's phone. It's not unusual for him to look frantic, but.... In any case, here's your first phone call from Finland that doesn't involve screaming ignore the whining, Mayfield.]

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[If anyone happens to be awake in the middle of the night, they're likely to hear a loud clatter as Finland's phone is flung from its receiver. A bit of mumbling can be heard from the other side of the line before the sheets rustle and footsteps can be heard. Treasure the brief moment of silence (or is that screaming in the background) that follows this, considering that--]


Swe, what are you doing?!

[ooc: Sweden basically came in Finland's house and kidnapped his drone wife. That is, he literally put her over his shoulder and left the room.]
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[Even before he opened his eyes, it was apparent that something was wrong.

It wasn’t particularly unusual that he woke up alone. That is, to say, that he wasn’t being tightly clung to by a certain Sweden. However, if he awoke in the middle of the night, he’d often find himself unable to move after being caught in the arms (“choked by” may be a more appropriate term, though this was clearly not the other’s intention) of the aforementioned Swede and forced himself to sleep again. Not that he’d care to see Sweden’s scary half-asleep expression in the middle of the night anyway. He thankfully missed it in the morning, in any case, considering that Sweden tended to wake up and make breakfast before Finland could so much as roll over. It wasn’t exactly startling that Sweden wasn’t beside him.

Upon shuffling his feet, however, the absence of a puppy near them caused a bit more confusion. Hana-Tamago usually stayed asleep until Finland did, if not longer. Maybe Sweden decided to walk her earlier than usual. And Sealand? The absence of screaming meant that he was still asleep. He had stayed up late watching cartoons again, hadn’t he? That had to be it, right?

But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t come up with reasons why he was unable to pick up the familiar scent of cinnamon and lingonberry that always wafted around the house during the early morning hours. Why the quilt Sweden had made was absent, why the sun seemed brighter than usual even behind closed eyelids, why it seemed abnormally warm in this room, why the bed creaked when he rolled over. And no matter how hard he tried to go back to sleep, how much he wanted to wake up back in his own bed, he eventually gave in and slowly opened his eyes.

This wasn’t his house, Sweden’s house. This definitely wasn’t Denmark’s house or Russia’s house. Not even Norway’s or Iceland’s houses came anything close to this. This wasn’t a dream. This wasn’t some kind of cruel trick or joke, right? Even his clothes were different, and the voices from downstairs were strikingly unfamiliar. If that was the case, this could only mean…. Oh dear Odin, there’s no way. He rushes over to the phone on the nearby nightstand, dialing a number and fumbling to pick up the receiver.

1. No dialtone.
2. Finn drops said phone, leaving it hanging from the nightstand by its cord.
3. ….Cover your ears, everyone.]



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